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Talk to us about your challenge and we'll take it on together

Our goal is to help make our customers even more successful. We have a dedicated Application Engineering department that works directly with our customers to undertake custom engineering projects.

Why are we here?

Do you have a project coming up and you don’t have:

  • Time to spare
  • Expertise in a required area
  • Resources available

Come and talk to us! We can act as an extension of your team to understand the problem and deliver a solution, working with you every step of the way.


Application Engineering projects

How can we help?

Integrate OxTS products and board-sets within existing or future systems

Integrate third-party products (GNSS receivers, sensors, cameras…) with an existing OxTS INS or board set

Help customers using OxTS hardware by developing time-saving software and hardware for a specific test procedure or measurement


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How have we helped?

NTRIP support for open road data collection

NTRIP is quickly becoming the way for developers and testers to get high position accuracy performance on the go. This project allowed us to bring the configuration and processing of NTRIP corrections within our units.

Automatic RT-Range map survey from video

RT-Range is one of the world leading solutions to allow vehicle manufacturers to test the performance of their vehicles in relation to real world objects. Here we worked with Atlatec to provide a solution where we can automatically generate range maps that drastically reduces test time.
OxTS Atlatec integration

Data post-processing in a Linux environment

The number of our users doing their processing in the Linux environment, is increasing and we have started to increase our support for other OS with our tools. In this case we worked closely with our R&D team to provided a command line utlity allowing Linux users to script processing of raw data files.

Batch processing tools for larger data sets

We work on projects both large and small scale. In this we delivered a tool that allows automatic processing of a large number of raw data files, decreasing the time to get to the actual results. To find out more visit the “Open source tools” tab on the right.

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What is the process?

We have streamlined the process of evaluating, developing and delivering your solution. Take a look overview of the process below.
Application Engineering process diagram

Open source tools

We maintain a list of tools that we have developed over the years that developers/users can take and modify for their own purpose. We keep the licensing free for these, but the tools themselves are provided as is.

Batch processing tools

Drivers for the OxTS NCOM formats

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